Top 8 Online Resources for Understanding the Hard Parts of Scripture

Top 8 Online Resources for Understanding the Hard Parts of Scripture

So you have come across a hard passage in the Bible. You read it a couple of times and still don’t get it. The cross-references in your Bible don’t really answer the question you have. Where can you get reliable information to help you interpret this hard part of the Bible?

Here are the top eight online resources for understanding the hard parts of Scripture:

#1 The Bible Project is a great place to start when you are looking into a hard part of Scripture because sometimes understanding the big picture will help you understand the details. The talented people at The Bible Project have created an overview video of each Bible book, some Bible words, and other doctrine topics. The videos are amazing and the visual presentation will help solidify the Bible truths in your head. They also have an interesting blog section which sucked me in when I was researching for this post!

#2 Got I’m so amazed at this online resource. On you can ask a Biblical, doctrinal, or practical question and you will get the answer written in plain English complete with tons of links to the Bible references. This is the first place I go when I am stuck. I would recommend it for kids and teens, too, since the website is so easy to navigate and the answers are written in easy to understand language.

#3  Look up commentaries on the top of the website by selecting the Bible passage and what commentary to look in. Then takes you to the commentary notes on that Bible passage. The commentaries on the site are classics like Expositors Bible Commentary and Calvin’s Commentary which means they aren’t necessarily easy to read, but they are still helpful.

#4 Precept Austin is the best resource if you are looking for commentaries. You don’t need to pick the commentaries one by one. Instead, you can select the Bible passage or the Bible book. When you search, Precept Austin provides pages and pages of easy to navigate resources on that particular passage or book. On this site you aren’t stuck wading through Old English commentaries. There are plenty of commentaries along with sermon videos and audio from more current Bible teachers such as Gene Getz, J. Vernon McGee, and John MacArthur. They even include devotionals on the passage from Our Daily Bread and other publications so you can dig into the application of the Scripture as well.  Take a look at this list of Revelation resources!

#5 Although there are some devotional and commentary resources on this site, I use this the most for looking up the hard parts in different Bible translations. They make it easy to place different translations next to each other so you can see how different translators have understood the passage. Here’s an example of Deuteronomy 6:5 and its parallel passages.

#6 has the standard older commentaries that other websites including Luther and Spurgeon. It also has dictionaries and encyclopedias that I did not see on other sites.

#7 Logos Many pastors, professors and others who dig deep into Scripture love to use Logos not only as a resource, but also as a place to keep track of notes as they study. There is a free version of Logos with limited resources and there are paid versions of the program as well. This is actually a software program which is helpful if you study somewhere without WiFi.

#8 Christian Classics Ethereal Library has an easy to use commentary search function that has many of the same commentaries that other websites have. However, this CCEL website collection has the added bonus of the writings of the early church fathers like Augustine, Chrysostom, and more.

These are the top 8 online resources I use for digging into the hard parts of Scripture. Do you have a favorite online resource? I’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment below! 





Rachel Schmoyer is a pastor's wife and mom of four. Her writing has been featured in Light From the Word, The Secret Place, The Quiet Hour, and Thriving Family Magazine.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these resources, Rachel! I love the Bible Project.

    One site I use frequently is Helpful for looking into the Greek or Hebrew words, as well as some commentaries. 🙂

  2. I’m pinning this for future reference!

  3. Thank you Rachel. I’ve jotted down many of these for reference. I’ve used some, but prefer my Key Word Study Bible, so I can study the root meanings in the Hebrew/Greek. Guess I’m more old school needing the book in hand, but I know these are really good resources. God bless!

    • Well, there is nothing I love more than lots of open books spread around while I’m studying the Bible, but it’s great to know about free online resources, too, so I can have access right away to reliable references. Plus, it’s just expensive to buy lots of reference books. I forgot about the Key Word Study Bible! That is a great resource! Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. I’ve used Biblegateway and Biblehub, but I’ve never heard of the other sites. I will be checking them out! Thank you so much for organizing all this info!

    • You are welcome! Thanks for reading and commenting.

  5. Good morning Rachel. Resources I’ve used for a long time are,, and biblestudy On a few occasions I’ve used A few months ago I found Logos and subscribed to their email list from which I get really good information. I downloaded their free app a few weeks ago, but am having a bit of difficulty learning how to use it. I found the CCEL website collection a few weeks ago, but have yet to use it. I’ve never heard of Precept Austin or The Bible Project. I’m curious about The Bible Project and will check it out! I also go to quite a bit and download free books that I go to for further explanation of large parts of Scripture. Another favorite of mine is, by R.C. Sproul, and post questions on “Ask Ligionier” when I’m reading the Bible and want help right away. It’s a great tool and I get a response within a few minutes.

    • Oh, yes, I remember you telling me about the Ask Ligioner feature. What a great idea! I think you will really like The Bible Project, too. They are able to say so much in a short video. Powerful!

  6. This is a great resource! I use a few of them frequently, and some of them I haven’t heard of but will check out in the future. Thanks for your recommendations!

    • So glad you found the list helpful! Happy Bible reading!

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